How To Clean Your Sex Toys

It is crucial to clean your sex toys. Otherwise you risk a bacterial infection, or worse an STD if you share with an infected partner. Cleaning your sex toys regularly keeps the motor and material in shape. According to experts, you should clean your sex toys after every use and possible before use too. Every sex toy is available with a manufacturer’s instructions, which explain how to use and clean it. The following tips will help you clean your sex toys appropriately:

1. If you are sharing sex toys with your friends, or maybe sharing during an encounter with an escort like the amazing ladies from Charlotte Action Escorts, it is essential to disinfect them to avoid contracting infections. Depending on the type of sex toy you are sharing, you can sterilize by boiling. Non-motorized sex toys that are made of glass, stainless steel, or silicone can be boiled for a few minutes.

2. If you have leather toys, you are required to wipe them with soap and water. Alternatively, you can try to find special leather cleaner if that possible. When your leather toy comes into contact with bodily fluids, it is advisable to use 70% isopropyl to disinfect it.

3. Avoid perfumes – avoid using perfume soaps when washing or storing your toy. Perfumes have residues that can cause irritation. Also, avoid using anti-bacterial soaps and stick to using mild cleaning products.

4. Use a condom – if your toys are made from a porous material like jelly rubber, you should consider using a condom over the toy to for protection, especially if you are an escort. Porous materials cannot be disinfected completely, and the only option to avoid any infections is using a condom. This will ease how you clean your toy, especially if you share it with your partner.

5. Use mild soap – the way you clean your sex toy depends on the material it is made out of. Non-porous materials like hard plastic, metal, glass, elastomer, and silicone are easier to clean. It would help if you had mild soap and water to clean the toy thoroughly.

6. Do not dunk – when washing your toys avoid submerging them completely in water unless you are sure they are waterproof. If your toy is not waterproof, it is advisable to hold it under a faucet or wipe it down with a cloth.

7. Finally, avoid using a dishwasher to clean your sex toys. Some toys can be cleaned using a dishwasher (although it is not advisable because of hygiene and associated risks). However, exposing your toys to high temperatures can make them melt or dysfunctional, especially if they have a motor.

If you are not sure how you should clean your sex toy, ask a sales associate, or do a product search online.