Food With A Booking

When you go out on dinner dates, it is easy to end up with indigestion. Most London escorts say the same thing. I think that almost all London escorts that I know go out on dinner dates several times per week. Not only is it easy to end up eating very fatty meals, but you also end up drinking too much. All of this can lead to digestive problems. That could mean that you start to look bloated and that does not do a lot for your looks when it is time to slip on that sexy little cocktail dress.

I have learned that there are many ways in which you can cut down on the risk of experiencing indigestion when you go out on London escorts dates. First of all, I tried to avoid drinking too much alcohol. That is difficult in itself. From the time the date starts, you are often anything from champagne to expensive wines. That is very nice and I know many charlotte London escorts who find alcohol, especially champagne, very hard to resist. I used to be the same but I have learned that a few sips is okay, but no more than that.

Does it matter what you eat? Yes, that matters a lot. Speaking to other London escorts, it it obvious that they like to start their sit down dinners with a salad. The problem is that salads are covered in all sorts of dressing. You may think they are healthy and low-fats, but most of the time they are not. I start with a consommé instead and I try to urge other London escorts to do the same. Having a consommé helps you to cut down on calories and easy digestion. It works great for me.

When it comes to main course, I never have anything that involves potatoes. Coupled with meat or fish, potatoes can make it hard for you to digest your meal. Most of the time, I opt for a fish dish along with rice and vegetables. I also try to restrict my wine consumption but that is not always easy. But when you dine out several times per week like most London escorts, you do really need to cut down on the amount of alcohol you drink when you are out on dates. Alcohol can have some devastating effects on your health.

Do I eat dessert? No, I personally don’t eat dessert but I do know many London escorts who live for dessert. After the meal, the end up ordering the most fattening and heaviest desserts on the menu. Dessert is supposed to be a treat and not eaten several times per week. All of the sugar will slow down your digestion and add extra calories to your diet that you don’t really need, what you need to do is cut down calories. When you eat out several times per week, ordering dessert all of the time can have serious consequences for your waistline. If you can, you should try to avoid dessert.

Who said working for London escorts was going to be easy? It is even more complicated than some people like to think. You literally have to think about everything.